Face Contact lets you browse your contacts "by picture" using an intuitive 3D visual interface. As pictures and icons are easier to recognize than text, this can be very effective, especially when rapidly scrolling through a contact list. As contacts are sorted alphabetically (by name, company, etc.), even if browsing "by picture", you always know if you need to scroll forward or backward to reach a given contact, exactly as in a text-based Contacts application. You can also jump to any letter/position in the list by pressing the corresponding key on the thumbboard or software input panel. Calling a contact is as easy as pressing the "Start Call" key of your phone. You can also use simple gestures (such as single tap, double tap and tap&hold), to perform other actions, such as sending text messages, sending email, browsing a contact's web page, editing a contact, etc. There are a dozen different actions to choose from. You choose it. The integrated Contact Manager provides access to all kinds of contact management operations, using the same consistent interface. You can add, beam, create, delete, display, edit, remove, sort contacts directly from Face Contact, as well as adding, adjusting, removing, replacing, and rotating contacts' pictures. We have included plenty of settings to play with, such as selecting different photo shapes, enabling/disabling the 3D reflection effects, changing the transparency level, altering the scroll speed and distance. Last but not least, all the above is integrated with the Today screen of your Windows Mobile device, so your contacts are always at hand.Version 2.0 includes new gestures/actions logic; improved performance and smoother animations; new layout/pictures options; WM6.5-like user interface; configurable "Messaging" accounts; new sort and caption options; improved camera integration.
LicenseFree to try
File Size529.48 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 5.x Mobile Windows Mobile 6.x
System RequirementsWindows Mobile 5.x/6.x