The PBC-Eurotariff is a cost and balance control application that lets the EU user to set a balance for his roaming cellular services. This balance is checked in real time mode by the handset and notifies him when it ends. This application was programmed in compliance with EU regulation for cellular rates paid by EU citizens while roaming abroad within the EU. Switch to Eurotariff - ask your carrier What is "Eurotariff"? The new EU Regulation sets limits on international roaming rates. These limits, or "Eurotariffs", will be gradually reduced over the three years following the Regulation's entry into force. The prices of the Eurotariff cannot exceed 49 cents for making calls and 24 cents for receiving calls for the next year (excluding VAT). Quote from MEMO/07/251 Brussels, 25 June 2007.This version is the first release on CNET
File Size120.94 kB
Operating System Symbian Mobile
System RequirementsSymbian OS Series 60