SmartPhoneTracker allows you to locate your phone via GPS coordinates, useful if your phone gets lost or stolen, and for locating missing family members. Basically, SmartPhone Tracker is configured to listen for a certain text message. When it receives that text message, the program will wake up, activate the phone's GPS and obtain a lock. Once it has GPS satellites locked, it will send an email or/and text message with a link to Google Maps with the phone's location and exact GPS coordinates. If there is no GPS reception for 5 minute, SmartPhoneTracker will send the approximate Cell Tower location. New Features: Intercept incoming location SMS. This great feature is useful your friend/family has also SmartPhoneTracker. When receiving a location SMS (Menu->SMS To..), SmartPhoneTracker will automatically open and display the the received location on a map. You can then toggle between the received location and your location.
File Size627.25 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile Mobile
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0