PhoneGate software is a protective "screen" from unwanted calls. It reacts to every incoming call, verifies the number and if necessary rejects ("blocks") the call so that the caller hears the busy tone. To use PhoneGate, you need to select: "VIP" numbers and "unwanted" numbers from all numbers that are known to you. To form lists of VIP and unwanted numbers PhoneGate shows full Outlook Contacts phonebook with check-boxes for selections. You can also add any explicit numbers directly to VIP and unwanted lists. Main options: number of rings on device before the call is rejected from 0 (no rings) to 7; international country code; local area code; interface language (English, Russian, Spanish.Version 1.4 adds SMS auto reply option.
Price USD9
License Free to try
File Size 266 kB
Version 1.4
System Requirements Windows Mobile 5.x for Smartphones