HNHSoft Germany2Go Phrase Book for Smartphone

Turn your PDA into a translator and langauge teacher. HNHSoft Germany2Go Talking Phrase Book is a great travel translator and language learning assistant, designed and optimized specifically for Windows Mobile Smartphone. This talking phrase book includes more than 1000 words and phrases that are frequently used when travelling to Germany. Each phrase is translated into German and pronounced by a native, professional speaker, recorded in high fidelity. In a flash, you can choose a phrase in English, then see and hear its translation in German. The phrases are carefully organized in to 10 categories and 50 sub categories to handily suit your needs in different situations you may encounter while abroad. Version 3.0.5 is a bug fixing release.
LicenseFree to try
File Size3.24 MB
Operating System Mobile Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition
System RequirementsWindows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition/5.x for Smartphones