CallMe VME S60-2

Are you aggrevated every time you must leave a voice mail message just to have someone call you back? or have to retrieve a voice mail message just to find out who is looking for you? How much time and money do you spend every day on leaving and retrieving voice mail messages? No More Voice Mail !!! Put an end to this expensive, time consuming hassle. Any time a contact is unavailable, CallMe VME lets you notify them to call you back with just one click. And if your contacts use it, you will always know with our unique 100% Caller ID who is looking for you with just one click and return calls with another couple of clicks right from the CallMe message. CallMe VME vs. Voice Mail notification - SMS messages from your Voice Mail system notify you only when someone has actually left a voice mail message and have CLID. CallMe VME identifies the calling number for 100% of calls and even if the number isnt in your contact list you can identify a caller by signature.
LicenseFree to try
File Size43.63 kB
Operating System Symbian Mobile
System RequirementsSymbian OS Series 60 2nd Edition