Miprice will calculate the correct markup for your business, whether you are a general business or professional. You can determine the correct markup to ensure you cover your overheads, and make a reasonable profit on the jobs you do or service you supply. You can calculate the hourly rate you need to cover your labor and overhead expenses, and provide a profit. Whether you work alone or have 100 employees, this program will help you make sure you charge enough.Features includes: 12-month budget; integrated cash flow; system generated sales target; gross profit and net profit. Included calculators: retail (retail shop), manufacturing (any material/labor intensive business), labor, professional services (lawyers, doctors), hiring (Video/tools), growers/farmers (farms of any kind), occupancy (hotel/bed & breakfast). Miprice has new program updates, including Auto Pc shutdown, Pc folder backup and personal electronic address book.
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