My Web News is a group of MCE application. It contains a menu system, file manager, weather, translation, menu editor, and music. The menu system can also be used as a programmable RSS reader. My Web News is designed as a flexible menu system with support for RSS Feeds through customizable filters. You can create your own menu structure and this way organize the programs you have installed on your MCE and the RSS Feeds. The total number of news feeds or menu items is unlimited and news feeds and menu items can be mixed. A menu item can be any html page or url, but within MCE its preferably a hosted html application. As an example the alternative Start Menu page is added to Applications, with which you can reach all the menu items of MCE (this is part of the MCE SDK, but now in MCE style). You can add, modify and delete items under Settings in My Web News.
File Size8.7 MB
VersionJanuary 2006
Operating System Mobile
System RequirementsWindows MCE