A way to save money on international calls when roaming. Why pay incredibly high rates to call home when roaming? Use CallMe to send your family, friends, and colleagues a call me message and have them call you back with just one click, at their low home network calling rates. Cellular roaming costs are incredibly expensive. Rates for calls while roaming may be as much as 20 times the cost of calls from your home network. The CallMe personal callback application saves you money on international calls when roaming by having your contacts call you from their home network at the lowest possible cost. CallMe requests are generated right from your contacts list and phonebook. Additional savings may be obtained by directing the call to a local phone number, avoiding incoming call charges. Highlights: one step callback, select the contact from your mobile phone contact, send the call request via SMS, and avoid incoming call charges
LicenseFree to try
File Size28.4 kB
Operating System Symbian Mobile
System RequirementsSymbian, Java enabled phone, J2ME MIDP 1.0/2.0, JSR 120