Archimedes Medical Calculator

Archimedes is a must have for every medical professional. An innovative specialty calculator, Archimedes is unlike any other program currently available. Forget having to remember complicated formulas, just enter the values and out come the results. With formulas ranging from Aa Gradient to Weights, our proprietary calculator provides you with 70 preprogrammed formulas that include specialties such as Cardiology, Pharmacology, Hematology, FEN, Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Renal. Archimedes is specifically designed to offer three methods of accessing formulas--alphabetical listing, category listing, and historical listing--enabling you to access formulas in a way that's engaging to you. From a built-in calculator assisting with value field input, to control of decimal point placement in formula results, Archimedes allows you to determine the input and output details for every formula. Also included is a help button giving you access to complete formula information.
File Size17.25 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition Pocket PC 2000 Mobile Pocket PC 2002
System RequirementsPocket PC/Pocket PC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003