Pocket Loan Calculator

Pocket Loan Calculator is a comprehensive and fun to use tool to evaluate mortgages, loans with PITI calculation. The following are some of the features: Monthly payment calculation, Term calculation, Loan Amount calculation, and Rate calculation, Amortization Schedule with PITI. Effective APR calculation. Loan/Mortgage comparison - up to three loans/mortgages can be compared on the same screen. PIE graph that depicts percentage proportion of principal, interest, tax, insurance of their sum. Graphical representation of principal, interest, tax, and insurance are distributed in dollar amounts over amortization. International mortgage support - US, Canadian, and Euro. StrongARM processors only, this includes all PocketPC 2002 and PocketPC 2003 devices. Some PocketPC 2000 devices also have this type of processor.
LicenseFree to try
File Size183.86 kB
Operating System Mobile Pocket PC 2000
System RequirementsPocket PC 2002