Pocket PCs tend to get used as special devices in a very restricted way with many functions disabled and with only one application executed - this is called kiosk mode. Several vertical market applications require kiosk mode. For example, it can disable all games and other entertainment programs on the Pocket PC. Spb Kiosk Engine allows you to run your custom application in kiosk mode. In this mode, the target application is the only one that can be used on a specific Pocket PC device. Spb Kiosk Engine features: Prevents switching from the target application; Provides full screen mode; Automatically starts the target application after soft reset; Can be used with most enterprise applications; Pressing a secret hardware key sequence allows you to enter into Admin mode. In Admin mode a device can be used without restrictions; Supports eMbedded Visual Basic and .NET CF applications; Two predefined target applications: Pocket Internet Explorer and Terminal Services Client; Replaces the home page with a custom one when used with Pocket Internet Explorer; Royalty free - the license does not limit the number of copies.
LicenseFree to try
File Size4.28 MB
Operating System Mobile Pocket PC 2000
System RequirementsPocket PC, Windows NT/2000/XP for Spb Kiosk Engine Builder