Ham Amateur Radio General Class Study Guide

From the developer: ""This study guide for HAM Amateur Radio Operators is for the General Class. This study guide contains over 380 test questions, with answers, from a test pool as released by the Question Pool Committee, National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators. Actual test questions administered when you apply for your license can vary, but if you know all of these questions, you will be in pretty good shape! Of course, you still need to study your course material and we can't guarantee accuracy or results. Using our terrific Quizzler quiz software for handhelds, you can study for your exam wherever you are, any time. You can select multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and other options to really learn the material well. This quiz is divided into the following sections, so you can study one part at a time if you like: Commission's Rules , Operating Procedures , Radio Wave Propagation , Amateur Radio Practices , Electrical Principles , Circuit Components , Practical Circuits , Signals And Emissions , Antennas And Feed-Lines , RF Safety.""
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