Following in the footsteps of PictPocket for Pocket PC, PictPocket can convert and display both graphical images and video files for handheld devices using the Palm operating system. PictPocket for Palm OS is composed of three programs, one that converts most popular graphic formats into color and grayscale images for display on your Palm OS device, another that converts AVI and MOV video files to PictPocket videos, and a third that converts Web pages. The current version of PictPocket supports images as large as 32,000x32,000 pixels, which can be compressed to save memory on the handheld device. PictPocket's desktop application converts hypertext, image, and video files to a format optimized for viewing on handheld devices. In combination with PictPocket viewer for Palm OS, the PictPocket Converter allows you to convert and HotSync content from the Web, your desktop, or corporate intranet to your PDA.
LicenseFree to try
File Size2.25 MB
Operating System Palm OS 3.x Mobile
System RequirementsPalm OS 3.x