Where Are You Client/Server (WhereRU)

The Where Are You Client/Server (WhereRU) program is designed to aid receptionists, administrators, or anyone track the whereabouts of employees and co-workers. It functions like an electronic version of the sign in/out whiteboard that may have been posted next to a receptionist's desk, except that this whiteboard is visible to all who are running WhereRU on their PC. Thus, all participants can see the signout time, destination, and anticipated return of any coworker. WhereRU does this electronically by installing the server application on a server PC that is accessible to all employees via TCP/IP.
LicenseFree to try
File Size5.05 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows 2000 Windows NT
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/NT/2000