Conduit Development Kit

Conduits are software plug-ins for the HotSync Manager application. They exchange and synchronize data between a desktop computer and a Palm OS platform handheld computer. Most conduits synchronize data such that data on the handheld mirrors the data on desktop. Conduits also transfer, import/export data, or cause Palm OS applications to be installed. The Conduit Development Kit (CDK) 4.02a allows developers to create conduits using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.x, Visual Basic 6.0, and WebGain VisualCafe 4.0/4.0a. New features in the CDK include Java support for JRE 1.3, COM Sync Suite for COM-based conduit development, Conduit Configuration utility support for COM-based conduits, and much more.
File Size52.65 MB
Operating System Palm OS 3.x Mobile