Clock+ is a combined digital clock, calendar, timer, alarm, and world clock for your Palm. It presents a clock in the top half of the display, and a calendar, timer, alarm, or world clock in the bottom half. If you assign Clock+ to one of the hardware buttons, repeatedly pressing this button will toggle between modes. A simple timer increases or decreases the time in seconds and is easy to use without the stylus. The alarm clock function supports an unlimited number of alarms, each with its own identifying name, sound, and repeat setting. You can set alarms as simple reminders or as wake-up calls with a snooze option. Additional MIDI tunes to be used as alarm sounds are included for Palm OS 3. x users. The world clock shows the local time for any country/time zone, automatically corrected for daylight-saving time. Clock+ comes with a database of nearly 1,000 cities. In Version 3. 7 the annual world database has been replaced with the ZoneInfo shared library. This contains time zone and daylight saving information until the end of 2010.
LicenseFree to try
File Size148.07 kB
Operating System Palm OS 3.x Palm OS 4.x Mobile