Wall Street Financial Assistant

If you you are looking for a powerful yet simple financial calculator with wide range of financial instruments, look no further. Loan calculator, mortgage calculator, bond calculator, futures, options and more - WSFA does it all! The program has a unique approach to the matter of financial, business, and statistics calculations. For every selected financial instrument, it displays a screen with fields for you to enter the values. The interface is possibly easier to use even than a regular calculator as each individual financial instrument has dedicated input and output form. Wall Street Financial Assistant does fast and accurate calculations, thanks to specially optimized algorithms for mobile devices with limited capabilities and no special math co-processors. Add the ability to store named assets and operations over them and you get portable portfolio management tool able to track value of your investments, quicker and easier than ever! For more Beiks' Applications, please, click here.
File Size332.03 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher
  • MathLib - included in the ZIP