Finance Genius is a powerful financial calculator. Calculates Compound Interest, Continuous Compounding, Composite Investments, Bond Yield, Annuity, Mortgage, Currency, Stock Symbols... * More that 50 calcutating template forms. * LIVE rates for Currency. * FREE DESKTOP CURRENCY FOR REGISTERED USERS. * Runs on all Palm handhelds with OS 3.5 and higher. * Made for business people and all others. * Logical and intuitive interface. * Free upgrades. * Finance o Compound Interest o Continuous Compounding o Present Value / Rate of Return o Composite Investments o Bond Yield o Annuity o Mortgage o Basic Investment(Growth and Contributions) o Stock Valuation based on Earnings * Valuation o Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) Calculator o Price to Earnings(P/E) Ratio o Price to Sales(P/S) Ratio o PEG Ratio o Graham-Style Formula o Buffett's Value Formula o Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM) Calculator * Economy o Building Portfolios - Annualized Returns o Inflation Calculator o Annualized Inflation Rate o Building Portfolios - The Total Stock Market + Small Value o Building Portfolios - Asset Allocation with the Sharpe Ratio o CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate of the Stock Marke: Annualized Returns of the S&P 500 o Rule of 72 o Investment Volatility - Standard Deviation * Tax o Tax Brackets (Federal Income Tax) 2000 through 2006 o Income Tax Calculator o Capital Gains Tax Rate Calculator * Calculators o Tip Calculator o Sales Tax Calculator o Savings Estimator o Money Counter o Car Loan Finance Calculator o Stock Price Calculator * Currency Converter * Stock Symbol Watch
File Size14.33 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>PalmOS 3.5 or higher</li>


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