LOBSTR Vault - Multi-signature security on Stellar

LOBSTR Vault is the most secure and user-friendly solution for multisignature protection on the Stellar network.Use LOBSTR Vault to maximize the security of the digital assets stored on your Stellar account.Create a locally stored signer account on your mobile device, configure multisig protection and receive pending transactions inside the app.Verify the transaction details, approve or reject and be confident in the security of your crypto.MULTISIGNATURE SECURITYNo matter what wallet you are using to hold your funds, a single private key means a single point of failure.Enabling multisig significantly increases the security of your Stellar account and protects your wallet from in-person attacks as long as all private keys are stored separately.LOBSTR Vault is a leading multisig solution that helps you secure your funds even if your private key is compromised or stolen.LOCAL KEY STORAGEVault app generates a locally stored signer account during the onboarding process and uses this account to confirm pending transactions on-device.The private key of every account is fully encrypted, securely stored in the local storage of your mobile device and never touches our servers.CONFIRM TRANSACTIONSOnce Stellar account is protected with LOBSTR Vault, all pending transactions are automatically sent to a signer device in a matter of seconds.The app will display a push notification for each incoming transaction request to help you to stay up-to-date.View the details of a pending transaction and approve the transaction if everything checks out.CONTROL YOUR SECURITY LEVELSuited for pros and novices alike, LOBSTR Vault can be used to configure any multisig configuration youd like.Use a single Vault signer to protect one or multiple Stellar wallets. Go for extra protection and configure a sophisticated n-of-m multisignature setup where approvals from multiple singers will be required for each transaction.Craft your own multisig architecture: one signer per multiple wallets, many signers per one wallet, or both!USE WITH YOUR FAVORITE WALLETThe Vault app is fully integrated with LOBSTR wallet and provides a convenient way to enhance the security of the Stellar account for every user.Enable multisig in a just few clicks and enjoy the advanced protection.Using another service? LOBSTR Vault works great with most of the wallets and exchanges operating on the Stellar Network!VAULT SIGNER CARDVault Signer Card represents a new smart way to improve the security of your digital assets.The highly-secure chip embedded into the Signer Card creates and holds a unique and uncopyable Vault signer account within the card itself, making it the most secure way to protect your crypto.Use the Singer Card with LOBSTR Vault to take the security of your multisig configuration to the next level.SUPPORT AT EVERY STEPIf you encounter any issues or require further assistance, please reach out to our support at support@lobstr.co
License Free
Version 2.1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.1 and up