Water Meter Bill Checker Free

This app allows you to check [and save] your metered water bills to all levels of complexity.It has its own internal help screens, backed up by my website. It will eventually be replaced by a more sophisticated app for general billing.This is now free because I haven't had the time to update it fully. Here you can Save/Restore/Edit your bills. Also use tools to cost projected increases in use/time/tariffs and generally manipulate billing.Check your metered water supply/waste bills. Starting with your billing data, this allows you to calculate your correct bill.It allows for separate Supply and Waste companies. Each can have their own tariff change date [Split Date].Charges are calculated to 2 decimal places: for standing charges [dates] and volumetric charges [readings].VAT [Sales Tax] can be added if applicable.The Standing Charges [1 for Supply and 3 for Waste] can be separately configured (or removed), for headings and chargesExtend this bill to one year (with one click) and use totalsIndicators have been added: units per day and Cost per unit (gross). These help you to compare consumption costs.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.2 and up