Everex Wallet - bank gateways coin payments

Everex Cash is a digital wallet for Stablecoins and digital assets, allowing banking gateways access to crypto-only exchanges and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) lending protocols along with P2P money transfers in multiple currencies using fast Stablecoin settlements.Now wallet supports the following ERC20 token assets:USDT US Dollar (Tether);USDC US Dollar (Coin);DAI multi-collateral US Dollar token;EUC Euro token;GBC British Pound token;EVX Everex's native utility token.Supported countries for deposit and withdrawals now include Europe, UK, Thailand.Free cardless ATM withdrawal to Thai Baht is available in Thailand for underbanked travelers.New tokens and payment gateways are added gradually based on regulatory approvals and additions of new geographical markets.Intelligent wallet architecture makes private keys management intuitive and convenient for the end-user and does not require sophisticated knowledge of crypto security. For example, Basic Security Level allows users to operate without worrying about private key safekeeping, by using simple PIN code instead. However, such simplicity comes with limitations. Basic level is limited to $1000 worth in equivalent for total combined assets valued at market price. The maximum total balance allowed to be kept in the wallet with the highest security level is limited to the equivalent of $20,000 in stablecoins and digital assets. Ability to store and operate with larger volumes will be introduced with hardware key storage support.Each transaction and balance can be viewed and confirmed on any Ethereum blockchain explorers such as Ethplorer or EtherscanWith Everex Wallet, users will be able to:* Make fiat deposits in Euro and British pounds, and receive credit in equivalent currency tokens without currency exchange risk exposure;* Send money and make payments in different currencies and digital assets to anyone or yourself with or without a bank account in Thailand, UK, and EU;* Withdraw in a different fiat currency either via ATM* or to a bank account.* ATM withdrawal currently offered in ThailandWhat's new:* Added USDT (Tether) token* Added UK direct payment and withdrawal method via FPS* Added GBP token: GBC* Added EUR token: EUC* Added Multi-Collateral DAI token* Fully redesigned transactions history* Now you can add a description for outgoing payments visible to the recipient (useful for invoices)* Added private notes for transfers (visible to sender only)* Added contact details for transfers* Other improvements.
License Free
Version 0.50.6809
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up