Burial Insurance Plans

Death is one of the certainties of life: everyone dies, it is only a matter of when. But paying for your funeral is not one of the certainties of life. If you are leaving your heirs a large property, let them pay for the funeral.But if you really want to pay your burial expenses, you can get coverage with a burial or burial insurance policy. Many people who know a lot about money believe that these are bad investments.Burial policies vs. Prepaid FuneralThese are also known as funeral or final expense policies. These are actually a whole life insurance policy. This will pay for the funeral, cremation and burial. Burial policies are not the same as funeral policies paid in advance. The prepaid funeral is a way to pay the funeral director in advance for the final arrangements you have made.No need for medical examsNormally the funeral policies are completed with a subscription that is very simple. Applicants should answer only some very basic questions about their physical health, but they will not have to undergo a medical examination.But, since there are no medical exams, almost everyone can qualify and this increases the cost of burial insurance up to 25 times more than a term life insurance policy. This is because burial policies tend to attract the unhealthy, so they are quite expensive. Those who are healthy can get better deals with fully subscribed term life insurance products.Best optionsHere is an example; A 55-year-old person can pay a couple of pounds a month for $650 of a 20-year term life policy or $97 each year for $32500 of coverage.Now, if you think you're going to be dead in 6 years, the burial policy could work. Otherwise, it could be so good to put the money under the mattress. Generally, burial insurance is a last resort. Individuals can not qualify for temporary life and want to buy something.And, the simplified subscription does not mean that a burial policy is a sure thing. Applicants may be excluded, especially if they say they already have cancer, use drugs or have been hospitalized for more than twenty days in the past year.Once approved, insureds usually have exclusions of 2 years of dispute and also suicide clauses during which this insurer can file a claim. If a person knows that they have a physical problem, buy a policy and 6 months later they die, the insurance company will investigate the claim during the period. Get free compare rates quotes.
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