DESCRIPTION:The RLM-Fin-CX is a full simulation of the classic HP-12C financial and business calculator, with all the functions of the real one in a beautiful high definition interface. It includes, the Anniversary or Platinum model with ALG & RPN entry logic modes.Enjoy a dynamic Portrait and Landscape orientation layouts that can be lock in the calculators preference ([g] > [PREF] key sequence).The Fin-CX version has a complete set of Menus & Features that expand the original calculator functionality and usability:1) Finance menu :- Amortization: Print, email or view a complete amortization schedule of a loan according the content of i, n, PV, PMT and FV values.- Depreciation: Print, email or view a Deprecation Schedule for SL, SOYD or DB at once.- Bonds Price & Yield: Expand the original calculator for bonds with Annual or Semiannual coupons with Actual or 30/360 calendars.- Black-Scholes OVM: Calculates the Call or Put options prices of European Options using the Black-Scholes valuation model.- Cash Flows Calculations: Expand the original calculator to calculate much more Cash Flows figures, including MIRR%.- Interest Conversion: converts continuous or periodic compounding nominal rate to effective rate.2) Business menu :- Percents and Margins- Break-Even analisys- Tip & Bill Split- Currency Exchange (All world currencies online rates)- Date & Time calculations3) Conversions menu:- Angles & Polar- Currency Exchange- Units Conversion- Interest Conversion: converts continuous or periodic compounding nominal rate to effective rate.4) Statistics menu:- X,Y Data Editor. Allows to easily enter or edit two variables data samples for statistic calculations.- Statistics calculation- Regression Model (6 models)- Probability Distributions menu with Exponential, Normal, Uniform, Weibull and t-Student.5) Scientific menu:- Math Functions (Trig, Hyp & Logs)- Units Conversion6) Utilities menu:- Load Program- Program Debug (step execution with Undo)- Program Editor. Create or edit programs easily.- CFLO Editor: Allows to easily enter or edit cash flows and save them in a file.- X,Y Data Editor: Allows to easily enter or edit X,Y data samples and save them in a file.- Memory. Backup & Restore all memory and files through email coded textSystem requirements: iOS 12.0 or above.Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A HEWLETT PACKARD CALCULATOR, AND IS NOT SPONSORED IN ANYWAY BY HEWLETT PACKARD OR ANY OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES.
Price USD 9.99
License Purchase
Version 7.5
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.