Dividend Calc

Dividend Calc is designed to help you give a sense of your annual dividend returns from your list of stocks.IMPORTANT NOTE:Dividend Calc makes rough estimates on dividend returns based on the current dividend yield and stock price. Do not rely on this as predictor of future dividend payouts. Only use this as an extra guidance tool in your decision-making of dividend stocks.Also, we do not support all the market indexes. For example, you likely will not find symbols for index or mutual funds. We are looking into improving that but we do want you to know this upfront. We are more focused on US centric markets so this might not be useful for users who invest outside the US.Key features:* Create a list of stocks. Each one with a number of shares to get an estimate of your annual/quarterly returns for each stock.* Each dividend stocks will have a dividend report that shows how much you are projected to earn annually (and possibly quarterly).* Set target annual dividend amounts to compare how much your stock list have to go to get to the ideal amount.* Research your stock's performance, dividend payout history, and related news.* Favorite stocks that you want to keep a particular eye for. There are no rules on how you decide to manage them. Its up to you.Data provided for free by IEX. More info here: https://iextrading.com/api-exhibit-aYou can help make Dividend Calc better by providing reviews on the iTunes store. Let us know what you like and don't like. We love all feedback.
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Version 1.0.29
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System Requirements Requires iOS 11.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.