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What is an EMI?When you take a loan, you will be required to pay interest on it. When you pay interest every month then it is known as Equated Monthly Installments. The EMIs have to be paid regularly every month until the loan tenure ends and the loan is repaid.How EMI is calculated?The formula of calculating EMI is as followEMI = P r (1 + r)n/((1 + r)n - 1)Where,P = Loan amount, r = interest rate, n = tenure in number of months.Our Loan EMI Calculator gives complete information not only on EMI of Home Loan, Car Loan, Property Loan, Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan and other loans but also information on whether to use rented property or own a property, how much you will be saving in interest & tenure if you pay additional amount in addition to your EMI, whether to do the Balance Transfer of your existing loan or not and how much you will save if you do the balance transfer of your existing loan, how much tax you will be saving if you have taken home loan and calculate the real rate of interest considering the inflation.It also gives you information of important things which are being used while availing loan like CIBIL, circumstances that affect EMI, Credit Parameters, Dual Rate Home Loan, Factors determine Home Loan tenure, Home Loan, KYC Norms, Managing Home Loan in rising interest rate, Loan Proposal stages, things to do before applying for loan.Use this app not only to calculate EMI but plan your EMI. You can take decisions like whether to purchase a property or not, whether to transfer your loan or not, Whether to prepay your loan.EMI calculator for Home Loan, Personal Loan, Property Loan & other loans, Rent Vs Buy calculator, Home Saver calculator, Balance Transfer Calculator, Tax Saving Calculator and Effective Rate calculator. All these calculators in a Single App make availing loan very easy. .Download the app and get the following informationCalculate InterestCalculate EMICalculate Saving in Interest, Tenure & TaxList of finance calculators inside our EMI Calculator AppEMI Calculator to calculate your EMI of any type of loan.Advance EMI Calculator to calculate EMI using advance EMI calculatorLoan Comparison - compares two loanFlat vs Reducing rate Calculator - calculate rate by flat versus reducing interest rate method.Rent Vs Buy ComparisonHome Saver CalculatorBalance Transfer CalculatorTax Saving CalculatorEffective Rate CalculatorFeatures of EMI calculatorEMI Calculator is free to useEasy to useAdvance EMI CalculatorFlat Vs ReducingYou can compare the loan that will help you in taking the right decisionEffective Rate CalculatorDirectly Apply for the loanWhat is the Amortization Chart / Schedule?The amortization chart/schedule estimates your monthly loan repayments. It shows how much your repayments will get distributed towards the principal amount and interest amount.It shows the interest paid, principal paid, and the balance remaining on each payment date.What all types of EMI I can calculate usingthis EMI Calculator?The app can be used to calculate Home Loan EMI, PL EMI, Car Loan EMI, Marriage Loan EMI, Student Loan EMI, etc.What are the components of EMI?There are two components of EMI known as the Principal & Interest.Principal amount which is the amount you take from the lender as loan & the second component is known as the Interest that you pay on that loan.Your feedback is important to us. Please provide your comment after evaluation. We love creating apps and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running, we require a few review and rating from you.
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