Danske mBank - a mobile bank on your smartphone 24 hours a day.Danske mBank allows quick, convenient and safe management of your everyday finances on your smartphone.With the help of Danske mBank you can:- Find out about the cash balance in your bank accounts or card accounts and the funds reserved;- View movements and details in your bank account or card account;- Block your card;- Perform money transfers to other private individuals or legal entities and transfer money between your accounts;- Quickly and easily learn currency exchange rates and calculate and exchange currency;- View and sign a transaction on Danske eBank or Danske mBank performed by you or your company employee;- Manage several clients (e.g. business and private clients);- Read and reply bank's messages as well as write new messages;- Use the lists of recipients created on your phone or Danske eBank.- Contact the bank and block the card;- Find the closest route to the nearest ATM or branch of the bank and its working hours.You can log into Danske mBank using the same client authentication means that you use to connect to Danske eBank.All private and corporate customers of Danske Bank with an active Danske eBank contract can take advantage of the benefits of the software.
Operating System Android