Have your XIND with you in your pocket, always! Pay fast by scanning your unique QR-code. As a merchant, you receive payments reliably and instantly. XIND Wallet supports multi-language and is arguably the most secure wallet to store your XIND!XIND Wallet is available for:- Android- Windows- Mac- LinuxNOTE ABOUT TRANSACTION FEE:This app automatically selects the right fee for you, so the transactions won't get stuck. Most transactions are free, but some transactions may have minimum fee of 0.001 XIND. Additional fees may be applicable depending on transaction amount.FEATURES:- Display of IndiNode in XIND, BTC and USD- Multi-lingual support- Sending and receiving of XIND via QR-codes or unique addresses- Address book for regularly used XIND addresses- System notification for sent and received coinsYou can find more about XIND at:http://www.IndiNode.com
Operating System Android