DeviantX Wallet : Bitcoin Ethereum Altcoins Tokens

Have absolute control of your asset and privacy! Privacy being an important Issue, we have the most secure cross-chain enabled mobile wallet!Deviant X Multi-wallet supports the following digital coins/tokens at the moment :* Bitcoin* Ethereum* Dash* Litecoin* Ripple* Dogecoin* DeviantCoin...more blockchain integrations coming soon!!!KEY FEATURES*Multi-AssetOne wallet to rule them all!! Access to hold, receive and transact Bitcoin and several AltCoins with your Deviant X wallet!*SecurityTopnotch security and encryption , secured with OTP, email verification and seed key storage!* Cryptocurrency Airdrops & Community drivenReceive several Cryptocurrency Airdrops directly to your wallet balance for DEV holders anytime a new Coin is added!!For Coin listing, contact:
Operating System Android