Walletly - Track your day to day expenses

Spending money is easy but when it comes to keep a track of all the expenses, that's where all the problems begin. Without having a proper system that does this for you, it becomes very difficult. Especially when you are using software such as spreadsheet or using a personal finance book, this becomes a hectic process and ends up consuming most of our productive hours. Even though if we are able to manage a proper system to manage it, still we end up forgetting some of the areas where we spent our money and that ultimately leads to a part where you ask yourself "Where did my Rs. XX go ? I don't remember where i spent it". Now you don't have to follow all of this unpleasant methods to remember where you actually spent your money and manually update your spreadsheet all the time. Instead you can use Walletly app to track your spending by registering it instantly with a few clicks for you.Walletly has a simple GUI that allows the users to interact easily with the app. From registering a new entry to tracking your expense history its all done with just few taps on the screen.Key Features:- Pie-chart on the home screen to explicitly explain on what category you spent on.- Sort transactions by date that shows you each transaction of that day with category label- Add/Delete and create a unique set of categories that fits your need.- Start from Rs. 0 everyday to help you keep tabs on the spending for that day.With all this features you can become your own finance expert.Graphic Design by Nikhil Malvankar.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None