[Main function]Create a new walletImport your walletBacking up your wallet (export)Sending an EthersocialChecking the status of Ethersocial transmission / receptionView your Ethersocial and token balancesQuotation information inquiry (It is temporarily displayed because it is in the state not yet listed.)Share and read QR code wallet addressEthersocial wallet was created using Lunary, an open source app.For more information on open source, please see the link below.https://github.com/topmining/ethersocial-mobile-walletThe ethereal wallet uses the API of esn-api.topmining.co.kr for interlocking the block chain.[Precautions]If you lose your password, you will not be able to find a coin.If the wallet file is deleted, you can not find the coin.Please note that if your device is hacked, you may lose your coin in your wallet.When exporting or importing wallets, files stored in the Ethersocial folder must be erased immediately.Ethersocial wallet is available under the GPL3 license.Please be sure to check the licensing details after installing the app.
Operating System Android