BitRock Wallet - A XRP Wallet

Ripple Wallet (XRP Wallet) with a support for multiple wallets in the same app. With this wallet you will be able to view your wallet secret, receive XRP, maintain payee list, send XRP .Make sure you copy the wallet seed or wallet secret some where safe before you deposit money to your wallet.If you like this ripple wallet please donate to show your support.NOTE:1) BitRock wallet stores the secret and wallet seed on your phone and never sends it out to an external server. In an event of phone theft, device crash, or application bug can lead complete loss of wallet and developer would not be able to restore it.2) 20xrp is the minimum balance to create/maintain a wallet. This means your wallet balance can never go below 20xrp and you cannot send less than 20xrp on your new inactive wallet. See for details.Explanation of each permission requested:1) Identityfind accounts on the device : Required by send backup as email your contacts : Read contact list for requesting payments.modify your contacts : Not in use, but set by default as a library dependency. Rest assured app wont modify any contact from your contacts list.2) SMSsend SMS messages : Used by Request Payment feature.3) Phoneread phone status and identity : Required to send SMS for request payments.4) Photos/Media/Filesread the contents of your USB storage : Used to read screen snapshot from disk and send printer/email in the backup process.modify or delete the contents of your USB storage : Used to take screen snapshot for backup process.modify or delete the contents of your USB storage : Delete the snapshot after its sent in an email or to printer.5) Cameratake pictures and videos : Scan QR Codes for restoring wallet and addresses.6) Othercontrol flashlight : Required in case QR Code scanner requires flash light.full network access : Required to perform transactions.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.12
Operating System Android
System Requirements None