My Life Plan APP

OverviewMost people often get confused about financial terms, not understanding or not clear about the recommendation they received from their financial advisors, insurance agents or investment advisors, specially not sure who's best interest in the recommendation. And we all feel sometimes, we are overpaying for our insurance policies or not sure if we have enough coverage to protect what is most important to us.My LifePlan App - Transparent & SimplifiedThe purpose of the My LifePlan APP is to give transparency, and a simplified approach to basic planning, insurance, investments, and the financial process. Therefore, this app allow people to gain control of their finances and get clear understanding of some of the financial product and services.Yes, there are so many financial calculators, tools and software are available in the market place, however most of them are extremely complex, take more time to complete and most of the time company specific not for provide unbiased advised. On the other hand, when you look most tools, they get all consumers personal data and does not provide even basic information rather they will call and email to sell their product or services.Removes the wrong practicesMy LifePlan APP's aim is to eliminate this wrong marketing practice and give full transparency, clarity and simplicity to Canadians. In addition to helping Canadians, anyone in the World can use this APP for a certain capacity which is finding where is their money is going, budgeting for their everyday life and seeing how much is needed to protect themselves or their loved ones. Moreover, in today's market over 90% of the time of getting quotes for insurance instantly is a frustrating experience for each of us. After entering all the information they will say they will contact you at later time to provide the quote or email you the quotes. After filling out these forms, most of us will get annoying telemarketing calls and even spam calls. Our APP provides the info without any obligation and give the instant results right-away.Millennials, and the new generation, even baby boomers want to understand how things work and want to research and understand before they buy something. This APP will help them to understand their need and cost without giving their personal information to the wrong marketing companies.Take control of your financial futureSo, now you can find where is your money going, and how much you need for Insurance for life or Critical illness or illness protection, and also find out with a few clicks how much it will even cost you. This is the goal for LifePlan Investments, we want every Canadian to take control of their financial future and have a transparency on their financial matters. Moreover, we aim to Plan, Build and Protect strategically to achieve any financial goals such as saving for education, planning for retirement, or tax efficiently transfer assets to next generation and even spending money and live the life you want. This will happen if you have the right plan and have ongoing mechanism to monitor your progress. Therefore, we believe in providing customized solutions for each and every one of your goals and objectives not just focus on company products and their features to fit the individuals.Educates financial advisors tooFinally, we believe financial advisors need to spend time to educate themselves and also focus on new ways to understanding and helping their clients' needs. With advanced technology and the evolution of AI, CRM, and block chain technology, we can help advisors to do their practice effectively and spend quality time with their clients and their own families.
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