MIB Coin Mobile Miner

Welcome to MIB Miner Beta version for Android!MIB Miner is a test version currently connected to a Test-net.Therefore, MIB Coin, which is mined from the Test Net, is not actually available and can be initialized at any time depending on the development situation.The test version may contain some features or unusual behavior and bugs, as well as restrictions on the addition and use of new features during test operations.With MIB Miner, start mining MIB coins anytime and anywhere!MIB Coin is a new cryptocurrency created exclusively for smartphones, and a smartphone-based blockchain network. MIB Miner allows you to mine, send, receive, and make transactions using MIB coins easily and safely on your smartphone.FEATURES- Cryptocurrency that allows to mine only on smartphones- Profit from MIB Coin mining Easy Wallet- Real-time mining log- Mining Pool selection- Send and receive coins easily through MIB Wallet- Automatically control multiple Miners (Workers) with one single IDMOS Software has developed a new blockchain network to create a smartphone-based cryptocurrency. Since this is a brand new cryptocurrency that combines the strengths of our own blockchain, cryptocurrency, wallet, and smartphone, mining here is only available through smartphones.MIB is a cryptocurrency designed to be connected with various aspects of real life. Anyone can easily join, send, receive, and use it anytime, and even create a new currency through the MIB blockchain.Download the app now for free!MIB is a smartphone-dedicated blockchain network that aims at a new cryptocurrency ecosystem.MIB Coin mining begins after ICO (Initial Coin Offering/Coin Sale).For more about MIB Coin and Miner, visit the website: https://www.mibcoin.io
Operating System Android