Mezu is the first payment app that gives you a private and secure way to Give and Get money without sharing your personal information. Unlike other payment apps, there's no need to share names, email addresses, hashtags, handles or phone numbers.And of course, you can easily pay or request money from people you know.BE PRIVATE.With Mezu, no one needs to know who you are to exchange money. You simply select an amount to give and Mezu generates a one-time encrypted code that you show to the person you want to give money to. No need to share names, email addresses, hashtags, handles or phone numbers.Using Mezu's unique Drop feature, you can easily pay, tip or donate to valets, bartenders, musicians and others, by giving money to their Drop Code.BE ANONYMOUS.Giving or Getting money with Mezu, your identity and financial transactions will never be shared in a social feed or with anyone - allowing you to keep your activity discreet and protected.Because Mezu believes that what you do with your money is your business.BE FREE.With Mezu's patented end-to-end encryption, your private information and transactions are kept safe. Mezu will never give, share or sell any of your personal information. With Mezu, you're free from tracking, unsolicited promotions, junk mail and all the other annoyances of the digital life. Just like cash, you're free to exchange money with anyone, anywhere.
Operating System Android