The goal of the app is to demonstrate the simplicity and speed of payments with MARKCoin.When the app is started for the first time, a new MARKCoin demo address, including 10,000 MARKCoin as credits will be generated. There is a reset function, in which the basic settings can be set back to the start values, that is, the initial credits are set back to 10,000 MARKCoin and a new demo MARKCoin address will be generated.The respective credits of MARKCoin and the MARKCoin address are easily and directly recognizable after the app was started.The QR code for receiving payments (matching the demo MARKCoin address) is been clearly recognizable after the app was started (option "Receive").When sending payments, swipe your finger right over the screen to get to the "Send" option. There you have the possibility to scan the QR code from the other smartphone or source, enter the amount and send the transaction after confirmation by the send button. Thereafter, the credits of MARK will change accordingly in the display of the sending smartphone and vise versa, of course, synonymous change on the receiver smartphone.
Operating System Android