This wallet is officially supported by TRON Foundation through TRON Loan and is the recommended wallet for Android.!!Attention!!!!DO NOT SEND ERC-20 TOKENS TO YOUR ADDRESS, THEY WILL BE LOST FOREVER!!Tron Wallet is a multifunctional wallet designed for the TRON network.It gives you the possibility to interact quickly and easily with your account or to keep your TRX and other account data safe in a cold wallet setup.This app offers you one of the safest ways to protect your private data.FeaturesCreate Wallet- encrypts private information with a password- creates a private/public key pair- creates a 24 words recovery phrase (human readable private key recovery phrase) (BIP39)Import Wallet- import with your private key or a 24 words recovery phrase- or import public address only (watch only setup)Wallet Functionalities- individual connection (connect to any node, e.g. private net)- check balance (TRX, tokens)- toggle market price view- check frozen amount- send TRX and tokens- receive using QR code- freeze TRX to get votes and bandwidth- submit votes for representatives- offline signing mechanism with QR code scanning- participate in token distributions- manually set your node connectionBlock Explorer- see latest blocks- see latest transactions- see representative candidates- see connected nodes- see token distributions- see accounts- search filterWallet SetupsWatch only Setup- import only your public address- completely safe because no private information is accessible- you have a full overview of your account- creates unsigned transactions (used in combination with a cold wallet setup)Hot Wallet Setup- owns public and private key- a full overview of account- full access (sending, freezing, voting, ...)Cold Wallet Setup- minimalistic and safest wallet- owns public and private key- never connects to the internet (to be completely secure you should never connect your device to the internet)- signs transactions (from watch only setup)
Operating System Android