See your dairy's financial future with ZISK.Do you know when milk prices are projected to peak over the next year? Are you monitoring the day-to-day volatility of feed prices? How are you responding to these market changes and optimizing your profits?With the ZISK app, the answers to these questions just got a lot easier.Developed by a duo with over thirty five combined years of experience in the dairy industry, ZISK makes the complex futures market incredibly simple - allowing you to respond to market threats and opportunities with ease. ZISK's proprietary algorithms simplify the complex data of dairy finance and commodity markets into ONE number... the projected profit of your dairy farm.Enter a few basic details about your dairy and gain a clear view of your future financial outlook with a continuously updating twelve month profit projection. With a live feed from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the ZISK app lets you watch the markets for milk, corn, and soybean meal prices in the palm of your hand. You can set alerts so you'll know right away when the market is moving. Also, enter your existing contracts into the app to see the most accurate view of your dairy's profitability.Stop allowing market volatility and uncertainty erode your dairy's profits. Download the ZISK app to empower yourself and your farm and go exploit the volatile market instead.
License Free
Version 0.6.4
Operating System Android