Do you think you have no idea where you had spent your money in last month?Do you face problems in managing finances? Do you think you have no control on your hardly earned money?If yes, then Money Tracker is the solution of your problems.You just have to add your expenses, income and budget. It helps you to analyze your expense report and allows you to make better financial decisions in future. If you want to manage your money like a boss, Money Tracker is the perfect app for you. Features :- 1. Track your spending and earning.Money Tracker allows you to add and track your spending and earning according to categories such as Grocery, Bills, Food. You can also search your spending and earning by date, category or note. You can also edit, delete your spending and earning. 2. Plan budgets wisely.Money Tracker allows you to create your budgets according to expense categories. It allows you to check the status of your budget like how much you have spent and how much is left. Budgets are the best way to forecast your spending and increase your savings. 3. Track and compare you reports.Money Track allows you to track and compare reports of your earning and spending. 4. Manage your categories.Money Tracker allows you to manage your earning and spending categories. You can add, edit and delete categories.5. Works offline.It works even if there is no network connection. It automatically syncs your data when you go online. 6. Remove Ads.You can buy premium version to remove ads.
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