Trusty - Crypto Investment Wallet

Trusty is a wallet for easy investing in crypto economy, with blockchain in its core. It is designed for uneducated and technically inexperienced users. It makes the process of investing as simple as possible, keeping trustless security in mind. Why should you trust us?Trusty is not a person, team or a portfolio management company. Trusty is an open-source project and anybody can audit the security of the code on Github: is based on the BitShares blockchain ( Blockchain guarantees that only the account owner controls their funds and gets fair exchange rates and low trading fees. You create the account and secure the special backup phrase, which is literally the only way to access your funds.There is no need to trust anybody but yourself to keep the backup phrase safe.How are deposits and withdrawals processed?Trusty itself does not process deposits or withdrawals. Subject to chosen cryptocurrency you will be offered to choose the most appropriate payment service provider. In some cases you will be required to go through KYC procedure. After the deposit your funds will be securely held on the blockchain.What are the portfolio management features of Trusty?Trusty suggests 3 types of portfolio management tools:- manual portfolio restructuring, where you simply change percentages or values of the selected assets and Trusty automatically executes respective orders at the best market price- mirror trading strategy allows you to choose to follow a recognised fund manager and copy trade them- index portfolio management is made for conservative investors, willing to follow top-5, 10 or 20 crypto assets
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