NetWorth2b Budget & Flow Premium Edition

Do you know where your money is going? NetWorth2b Budget & Flow can help you find out. Effective financial management require attention to detail and active participation. Accordingly, transactions are recorded in the app, as a result of a direct user action. This reinforces the user's engagement in the process, increasing the probability of setting and achieving realistic financial goals. The app is easy to use and with the integrated voice help, it is easy to learn. Balance tracking for multiple accounts, simplifying the reconciliation process; especially for debit card accounts where transactions are not recorded in a register. There's no worry about compromising your account security, because our app does not connect to your institutional accounts. The premium edition has a reconciliation function that provides an independent data source to verify the activity recorded on your account statements; supporting a system of checks and balances for your personal finances. Create an unlimited number of custom budget categories, that reflect your earnings, spending and savings objectives. The premium edition provides a function, that allows you to summarize categories into major groups. You can maintain as much detail as you would like, without losing site of the big picture. The premium edition also provides a charting function, to accommodate the review and analysis of budgeted cash outflow. Track your cash inflow and cash outflow against your budget targets. Monitor your spending levels with instantaneous balance adjustments. The unlimited categories, and group function included in the premium edition, allow you to choose the level of detail maintained in your transaction history database. There is also a charting function, to accommodate the review and analysis of actual cash outflow. The comparison of cash inflow & outflow activity to budget targets, provides an opportunity for a realistic assessment of where you are, relative to where you want to be. You can then decide what you must do to achieve your financial goals.
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Android, Windows 10
System Requirements Android 4.2 and up