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Pocket Forex, the best assistant for forex traders. You can use it to trade Forex, Gold, Silver, commodity futures and some stock contracts in 24 hours. It provides free forex trading strategies, quotes, forex news, and economy calendars. It supports the community follow trade, you can follow the master to get the benefits. It supports to create and bind multiple different Forex brokers' accounts. It uses the global acceleration network to choose the faster route for you and reduce delays. It is a necessary tool for forex traders. Download now to get the new user rewards, participate in commission return activities, and get a free real-time simulation account. For global customersIt is a reliable forex trading and data service software for global forex traders. More than 100,000 global customers are using pocket forex. In 2016, it acquired strategic investment from Elex-tech. Ultimate Experience* Professional, creating the ultimate trading experience for you.* Lightning, Intelligent route selection, Real-Time quotes, 0.2s to place order.* Security, financial security, multiple dynamic key to encrypt,* Follow, following the master, auto place orders to get benefits.* Analysis, MA, BOLL, SAR, MACD, KD, RSI, rich chart analysis indicators.* Data, major economic data forecasts, provider the bull and bear mark.*Strategic, free strategies base on technical analysis, Use it at a glance. VarietiesStarting from $100, you can invest in more than 400 varieties worldwide.Competitive spreads, low cost, easy to deposit and withdraw.Abundant brokers choose and provide 50-400 times leverage.Covering mainstream currency pairs, gold, silver, oil, commodities and stock indexes Follow TradeThe masters are selected from thousands of community traders.Just one click to use, you can stop it anytime. It can follow the masters to automatic place order. You just enjoy the benefits. Risk PromptForex trading is a very risky investment transaction and there is no guarantee that it will be profitable. Investors should choose carefully based on their own risk preferences.
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