As you begin your journey into the world of crypto currency, you will probably see many terms and phrases that you don't quite understand. But you'll learn as you go, and in this article we are going to take a quick look at bounties.Bounties are rewards for tasks like doing captchas, doing programming jobs or just wearing a signature of a project (most projects which hold an ICO) while you post. You can also get rewards for spreading the word of something on social media like Twitter or Facebook. There is a wide range of bounty types here on Bitcointalk. Examples of typical bounties include promoting the new coin on twitter, or designing a logo for that coin. Something anyone can do in their spare time.The tasks are never too complicated, and almost never involve any sort of computer programming. That's what the developer excels at. However, there will be other things that the developer either can't do, or just won't have time to do. However those tasks are necessary for the success of the coin they created. #Bounty #Bounties
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