W4M - Earn Free PayPal & PayTM Money

W4M (Work 4 Money) is an android application to Earn Free PayPal & PayTM Money instant. it's available in play store.W4M App provides us with an opportunity to earn money just displaying advertisements. It means that you can get money without putting much effort. And what is more, it is absolutely for free!100% Payment GuaranteeHow does it work: Sign Up/Sign In your account. Just click on Earn Money Button. Earn Money in easy way by click on advertisements & wait as the instruction. After complete task you earn some points. Convert your points into legal currency. You can redeem your money in PayPal & PayTM Invite & download the app and complete the offer to earn money.Disclaimer:Term & Condition:If you want to install and use W4M App, you should be confident that such activity is lawful in your country. If you download and use W4M App, it means that you accept our Term & Condition and agree that you assume responsibility for any rightful troubles you may face. We are not responsible for similar problems.- The app uses the unit points, which after convert into money.- If you get paid out via a PayPal directly, we charge a transaction fees.- If you Uninstall the app in any way, we reserve the right to terminate your account, and not pay any Money in your wallet balance.- We only allow 1 account per device.we do not support rooted devices. if any cheat our terms&condition then your withdrawal payment cancel it means You are not able to get payment.- If we found cheating And Any violations activity in our Terms will result in termination of your account or withdrawal payment cancel same as above term.
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