This App Verify Your Debit Card Is Valid Or Not. And Also Related To Debit Card Information.Validation is base on Luhn algorithm and Issuer Identification Number of every bank card (to prevent credit card fraud).Please note that this is only a simple tool to check the general information of a bank card, so even if the card number is valid, before starting your transaction with a card, please check another secure information of the card (CVV, expiration..) or even get help from the banks. Be careful when using with real transaction, we will not take any responsibility for any problem happen.********* IMPORTANT**********+ This application Debit Card does not collect, store or transmit any entered card number. (Internet is for ads display only)+ This application Debit Card will only verify the card number validity and check some other general information. Fake cards can also have valid card number, so please carefully check other information or get help from the banks before starting your transation. We will not hold any responsibility for any problem happen.
Operating System Android