CrypTick - Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency prices

View prices and market data for all your favorite CryptoCurrenciesTicker data is pulled from 6 of the biggest exchanges allowing you to view a huge range of coins and the market data for them.View coin prices over the last 24 hoursView the performance of hundreds of coins and see what price fluctuations have occurred over the last 24 hours in a beautiful material graphCompare the prices of the top coins between exchangesWant to compare how much a coin is worth at a different exchange? Simply tap a single button and watch as all the prices are shown and averaged for you.Pin your favorite coin to that it's always waiting!Never have to dig through a list of coins trying to find your favorite! Simply pin it and it will be at the top of every list and set as the default coin to load when you open the app.Calculate the value of your currency and how much it can buy!Select a coin (e.g. Bitcoin) and a secondary currency (e.g. USD) and you can calculate the conversion rate between them. This allows you to see how much your coins are worth or how much of a coin your money can buy!Fast and secureThe only data downloaded is what is put out by the exchanges, so you can feel safe in knowing that the prices you see are accurate and up-to-date! All data is downloaded over an HTTPs connection to maximize security.Don't want ads? Then don't have adsAds are only in this app if you decide that you want to help support further development and are very unobtrusive. If you don't want them, simply go into settings and disable them. No payment necessary!Please note: An active Internet connection is required, without it you will not be able to update prices and data.
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