Plootus: 10 minutes could add fifty thousand dollars or more to your retirement account.Plootus simplifies retirement planning for an average individual without paying exorbitant fees usually charged by Financial Advisors.Plootus is easy to use and requires minimal inputs. It links banks, credit cards, investment accounts of users in a secure environment. It offers following key features:1. Reflects aggregate view of user assets, liabilities, net worth, income and expenses.2. Calculates futures expenses based on current spending habits and adjust for likely major life changes, location and inflation.3. Estimates how your retirement plan assets will grow till the expected retirement year.4. Estimates how long the retirement assets will last.5. If the retirement assets are not expected to last the lifetime, Plootus provides user various recommendations.6. Proposed allocation and funds, user should choose from their employer sponsored retirement plans.Plootus is currently offered free.
Operating System Android