InvestorPrep: The Official Guide To Investing

InvestorPrep is a free guide that will teach you how to invest in the stock market. You will learn different investment strategies, including long term investing, short term investing, and day trading. The lessons cover all levels of finance knowledge ranging from beginner to advanced.We believe investing is an essential part of financial success, and we wish to make that success accessible to as many people as possible through a free and user-friendly guide.LessonsOur original and easy-to-read lessons are filled with essential and detailed information about investing to make you a great investor.The lessons teach you everything from basic terminology to advanced investing methods, preparing you for a successful investing career in no-time!Our wide range of content allows you to start at whichever level most suitable for you, and you can progress onto more advanced content at your own pace.Our content is intuitive and understandable, slowly easing you into a more advanced vocabulary used by professional investors.Track Your ProgressTrack your progress as you read each article and work your way through our content. You'll get to see which lessons you've already completed as well as your overall progress through the app.Learn Investing TermsWe offer an investing term-of-the-day to keep your investing knowledge fresh and up-to-date. You can turn on optional notifications to get a message each morning of what your new word of the day is.You can also browse through a list of several different investing terms, so you don't have to wait for the next day to see a new terms. Slowly, eliminate the confusion associated with the stock market and learn how to invest.Our investing terms cover everything from stock market basics to cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Learning about these cryptocurrencies and what they really are is essential to understanding the risk associated with cryptocurrency trading and investing.Featured StocksFinding stocks can be tough for beginner investors, but with our featured stock, you can gain some insight into how professionals evaluate stocks and begin your investing journey. However, make sure you do your own research before you buy. Be responsible for your own financial decisions!What This App CoversThis app has information about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and a variety of strategies for evaluating and investing in them.You will learn how the stock market works, how different securities are traded and evaluated, and what the risks associated with different types of securities are.The app has information teaching several investing strategies. Not only will you be able to determine an investing strategy for yourself, but also gain a better grasp on investing in various economical conditions and life situations. Also, you will know what strategies and features provided by brokerages you don't want to touch.Why You Should Download This AppKnowledge about investing is essential to financial success. This app will teach you how to invest safely in the stock market, allowing you to get ahead financially. You will learn how to balance investing's risks and rewards so that you can gradually compound your wealth.This app breaks down the different aspects of investing strategies in a simple, readable manner without compromising detail or depth of information. You will learn about investing strategies in detail, and all for free.Our TeamThe app was created by James Wei and Ryan Knightly, and we are both pleased to be able to bring knowledge of investing to new people every day.For questions or comments related to the app, email us at investorprep@gmail.com. We are happy to receive to your input.We designed InvestorPrep to make investing more accessible and more intuitive, and it does just that. Let's solve the financial literacy crisis together!Enjoy!
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