CashCrux: Smart Expense Manager and Money Tracker

Welcome to "CashCrux"With CashCrux, you can:1. Feed in your expenses and store them effectively for current as well as future dates2. Add custom categories of expenses and savings very easily3. Store details of payable and receivable,date-wise4. Store details of bills, payable and paid, date-wise5. Generate expense and income report in PDF as well as CSV format6. View month wise and year wise statistics of category-wise expenses and category-wise savings graphically7. View month wise and year wise statistics of total expenses and total savings graphically8. Manage personal finance offline as well as onlineCashCrux, the Expense Manager, with its simple user interface is extremely easy to useExpense Manager helps you manage your household budget with extreme ease.A super light-weight money manager that helps you keep your budget under check.Manage your personal finance with ease with CashCrux
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