The Masternode App allows you to enter your crypto currency wallet ID's in order to review them. You will receive notifications on all transactions of your listed wallets. It works perfectly for the most masternode coins. We are planning to add way more currencies in the future. Supported assets at the moment:- ALQO (ALQO)- ArcticCoin (ARC)- Bitcloud (BTDX)- Bitcoin (BTC)- BitconnectCoin (BCC)- Bitsend (BSD)- ChainCoin (CHC)- Crave (CRAVE)- Crown (CRW)- Dash (DASH)- Diamond (DMD)- DigiByte (DGB)- Dotcoin (DOT)- InsaneCoin (INSN)- Ion (ION)- Litecoin (LTC)- Memetic (MEME)- Masternodecoin (MTNC)- MonetaryUnit (MUE)- NavCoin (NAV)- Pivx (PIVX)- Stratis (STRAT)- Vivo (VIVO)- Solaris (XLR)- MonacoCoin (XMCC)Visit the official Masternode App Website : features :- Adding ETH Tracking System.- Customizable notification sounds- Showing current worth of your wallets- More supported currencies/coins/tokens
Operating System Android